You are ready to establish yourself as a luminary in your industry.

You are ready to uplevel your online business visually and verbally with soulful innovation.

You are ready to build your spiritual business in a way that is true to you and strategically set up for success… it’s time for you to be seen in a way that is powerful for you (and feels good in your body, mind and soul) in your online platform.

I will guide on you on the step by step process to get there.



A 4-month high-level, high-touch hybrid group program, for women who want to create their brand, website and marketing strategies to attract ideal clients and build a profitable online business.

Create your dream business 
Hello, freedom!

Claim ownership of your lifestyle 
no more asking a boss for days off!

Show up true to YOU with intention 
even as a multi-passionate woman!

I know it’s not easy to build a successful business when your ideal clients don’t know about you or your work.

I have been there, done this.

It’s time to stop reinventing yourself to sell another product or program to your tiny audience.

Let’s deep dive into an intentional journey to…
  • Step into your leadership and brand yourself as the expert you are and the next-level version of yourself you are becoming
  • Create the nuts and bolts plan for a successful website so you can get everything aligned and in place to do it yourself
  • Unleash aligned visibility and create content that gets your message out there in many ways that work for YOU
  • Discover your brand essence as you fall in-love with the business you’re building & create the impact you desire
  • Get clarity around your messaging so you can communicate as a multi-passionate person with ease while feeling geniunely like yourself to connect deeply and authentically online
  • Know exactly who you’re talking to with strategy to communicate your brand identity that truly aligns with who YOU ARE & helps you attract dream clients without pitching
  • Monetize your brand and create the life you want by developing offers that feel right to you and that will bring you the prosperity you desire
  • Activate and anchor your dream business with newfound confidence 
  • Finally structure your signature offer and create a plan for you to continue attracting clients through a marketing funnel & lead magnet and convert them into clients
  • Learn what systems and structures you need for email list building and ignite your conversion rates while having a blast growing your tribe
  • Connect with like-minded, high-caliber women in a private Facebook Group within the community of this program.
  • Recieve support for one-on-one high touch attention during our live group coaching calls so you can have all your burning questions answered by me

This is a 4-month group program experience to build your brand from the foundation of your soul into a profitable online business.

Prosperity Branding Accelerator is a high-touch group coaching and leadership deep dive for soulful entrepreneurs who want to feel more confident about shining online and being visible in the world with their personal brand and website.


You will know the action you need to take to expand your reach and create more impact in the world, heal old blocks that are holding you back, grow your leadership capacity as you build your website offerings brand and business, and become the person you need to be to move powerfully through the world, comfortable being known for your wisdom and expertise.

Is this for me?

This is for you if you have wanted to:
  • Build a personal brand and have felt unclear when you didn’t do the deeper work for a solid foundation and ready for clarity now.
  • Finally create the client-magnetic website visuals, messaging and content that are true-to-you
  • Show up on social with a personal brand but don’t know what to post about and feel like you are just trying to do what the others are doing.
  • Tell your bigger story but have no idea how to communicate it in a way that is powerful or meaningful to your audience.
With this program, you will have the tools to:
  • Activate the power of your voice and speak in a unique authentic way that helps you stand apart from the idea of competition.
  • Develop a system and strategically expand your reach as you build your community and leverage your influence.
  • Create your website content and visual branding (and get-it-done-ALREADY!)
  • Overcome obstacles and fears around being too shiny, too much, too successful, too emotional, too spiritual to reach your raving fans and an abundant audience.
  • Build a powerful community that is genuinely authentic, supportive and inspiring (you don’t have to be the lone wolf anymore).
  • Embody a new way of being and doing business in the world as a divine feminine leader and be recognized for it.

What’s included?

Access to the 4-month curriculum

You’ll have time to:

  • Develop your visibility strategy and integrate it into your business operations.
  • Clear out the blocks and limitations that would otherwise see you making choices that keep you hidden or invisible from having a powerful brand and website.
  • Integrate everything you’re learning and up-level with ease so you don’t have a deeply transformational experience only to find yourself without support right when you need it most.

Training & support

As you work through each stage you’ll have a video library of programs to support you. It is recommended that you devote time and work through each module.

Topics range from building your online platform, to clarifying your dream clients and audience, brand and message, developing healthy (and enjoyable) visibility practices, crafting soul-aligned messaging, a visual brand identity and embodying divine feminine business practices.


Take a look inside…

MODULE 1: Nail Your Brand Essence from the Start

Discover your Brand Archetypes Foundation + Why They Are Essential

  • Unveil your Big, Prosperous Vision to Attract Clients and Change the World 
  • Identify your primary and secondary Brand Archetypes and how it illustrates your core values throughout your brand 
  • Create a simple Archetypal Brand Board as the cornerstone for the vibes of your Brand Family  
  • Embody your Brand Archetypes as Soulful Practice and Anchor your Essence 
MODULE 2: Align your Purpose and Passion to Create a Profitable Business

Discovering your “Prosperous Why” as the game changer to your heart’s fire-desire

  •  Crystallize your purpose and why you’re here
  • Blend your expertise with your soul’s passion to reveal the aligned path you’re meant to do
  • Alchemize your soul purpose with passion, dashes of big triumphs and illuminate your trails of tears
  • Overcome the pitfalls of perfectionism, revise where you’re at and find freedom in the art of choosing
  • Craft your intention, vision and mission
MODULE 3: Step into your Luminary Leadership EXPRESSION

Activate your authentic, magnetically-YOU Personal Brand with soul and strategy

  • Dig deep into the core and true essence of your brand
  • Step into compassionate, aligned, and fully empowered visibility 
  • Land your Luminary Presence for your social media and video 
  • Capture Your Million-Dollar Image with Personal Brand Photos (and all the success checklists, style and self-care guides you need!)
MODULE 4: Amplify your Magnetism + Get Clear on Your Soulmate ClientS 

Be the Lighthouse and Clarify your Niche (Finally)

  • Find your niche by choosing your gateway solution
  • Get to know your audience on a deeper level and identify your ideal customer avatar via their unique psychographics
  • Become the go-to desired authority in your niche for your audience just by masterminding the correct positioning for your brand
  •  Know and refine your offers as a multidimensional entrepreneur
MODULE 5: Dial In your INTENTIONAL, MillionAIRE Messaging

Communicate your brand and offerings that attract dream clients and deeply align with who you are

  • Find the keys to building trust with your audience and discover your core message people will remember you for
  • Write your mission and vision statements and the tagline interconnected with the unique attributes inherent to your brand
  • Build an irresistible website homepage by bringing your hero’s journey and client-benefits together into a brand message that funnels website visitors into your free incentive
  • Write your first email, delivering the free incentive gift to entice your ideal client to book a discovery call
  • Discover the relevant standouts on your life journey that illustrate your current result to craft your Origin Story and short bio summary
  • Get the Anatomy of a Sales Page checklist and craft your next-level offer
  • Elevate your voice and tap into your magnetism as you communicate the value of your brand in your marketing
  • Templates for Discovery Session questions and the gathering of client testimonials 
MODULE 6: The Nuts and Bolts of a Successful Website

Strategize and structure the content of your high-converting website

  • How to create a bulletproof website plan to ensure it all comes together
  • Creating a beautiful site a simple, cohesive planning
  • Pick a website experience that suits your ideal client. Navigation, structure, textures and overall styling, etc.
  • “Wire framing” or outlining your content and sections
  • Mastermind the structure and pages of your website from your origin story, the welcome page of your site and related offering pages
  • Marketing and communicating the value of your brand and offerings with your intentional words
MODULE 7: Creating a Sought-After Stunning Visual Platform

Strategize your visual identity and related design elements with my Prosperity Branding System

  • Adding the spark to your online empire
  • Locating and select your font family
  • Choose your color scheme to match your goals and true to YOUR unique essence 
  • Textures and overall styling with universal brand assets that are archetypally aligned
  •  A goldmine of design treasures you can use yourself, or hire a designer to integrate into your brand.
MODULE 8: Birthing Your Beautiful, Soul-Based Business

Mindset, activation, and preparing to launch your offerings and steps to complete your website

  • Wrapping up content and photos for welcome and about pages
  • Accountability for content and creation completion 
  • The Launchmaker, strategy to rollout your big offer as you tantalize and inspire your audience in prelaunch and launch
  • BONUS: Divi Theme/Wordpress Tutorial Teaching from Lucinda to give you builder skills so you can post engaging blogs, add photos, make small revisions and more. 

What’s inside the Prosperity Branding Accelerator again?

Our 4 Months Together Will Include:

Prosperity BrandingAccelerator Curriculum: 8 In-Depth Trainings

As soon as you enroll, you will get access to the first modules in PBA that gives you everything you need to position, create & launch your personal brand and have the confidence to create your content for your website, trainings, offerings, and online visual presence and messaging and more. This program offers huge value to get you to the next level of your business!

 Comprehensive Worksheets for Every Section

I will guide you each step of the way with bite-sized handouts to take it deeper. My feminine intuitive expression meets masculine structure and strategy so you can take action right away and as you go.

Bi-Weekly LIVE Group Strategy:
Group Laser Coaching Calls

To create and elevate your brand and business, you need to get crystal clear on your strategy. That’s why every other week I will hot seat coach you on Zoom LIVE 2x/month to discuss strategies that will get you to the next level in your business with your new content and offers. 

You’ll learn how to execute lessons from the course and install systems that set you up for massive growth. My feminine intuitive expression meets masculine structure and strategy so you can take action right away.

Private Clients-Only Prosperity Branding Accelerator Community

Share your ah-ha’s and wins, ask questions, and collaborate with your fellow Prosperity Branding Accelerator students inside the members-only Facebook group.

The PBA community group is an amazing resource for support and inspiration. I monitor the page each weekday to give customized advice to you and the community.

Lead, Email and Funnel & Swipe Copy Writing Files

Get my best lead generation, email and funnel and swipe files for the support of getting your copy done. And without staying in the slow-swirl of confusion since you crave getting it done like a clear bolt of lightenting.

Your Prosperous Bonuses

Full-Pay Enrollment includes:

Get full access to my million-dollar funnel templates, opt-in page, sales page, and more.

Plug and play with this simple one-page WordPress website template.

Boost your mindset, open your heart and expand the evolution of your brand’s becoming!

$3,500 Value FREE!


Your life experience has gifted you with years of wisdom and knowledge.

And you’ve turned those hardships into embodied wisdom. 

This is your time to shine!


To do that with ease and grace, you commit to overcome your visibility fears and blocks so you can shine for all that you were born for. 

You choose to release any inner limitations that see you less powerful than you really are. And you know you are ready to develop an understanding of how to shift your visibility obstacles or fears and how to holistically clear them as you do.  

I understand that visibility issues can arise from personal experience. Perhaps your family didn’t listen to as a child or a teacher dismissed your good ideas in class and that wound has never quite healed. It is your time to SHINE. 

I know that visibility issues are also intimately connected to the kind of society we live in. One that’s set up to keep women small and quiet. Not promoting themselves, not putting forward too many opinions, not being too confident in the way they express themselves (for fear of being seen as too aggressive or bossy).

I also know that visibility blocks can be passed on through generational trauma. And that this too must be addressed if you’re going to be free of blocks and limitation.

Hello!  I’m Lucinda Rae, the founder and CEO of Prosperity Branding and the creator of the Prosperity Branding Accelerator.

I’m a matcha-drinking, book reading, boy-mom of three (two grown, one little one).

I’ve been in branding and marketing for the past 20+ years and went full in to support women building personal brands with million-dollar images, websites and visual brands.

The golden thread through my work has been seeing the potential in these women is their desire to feel safe in their visiblity and step into their future successful self.

Having worked through this for myself and my clients, I’m honored to be able to share what is now an embodied way of being for me, with women who are answering the call to impact lives and transform the consciousness on this planet. 

My professional background, combined with my training in personal and spiritual development, speaks through the unique approach I’ve developed to overcoming visibility barriers. My method is both strategic + intuitive and always focused in on the unique soul blueprint of each amazing woman I have worked with.




Working with Lucinda has been a gift I highly recommend to anyone who is ready for an uplevel in their personal brand.

Working with Lucinda in her program helped create the container I needed each step of the way. I thought I was ready though the act of stepping into this work with her actually allowed me to clarify my offerings, integrate all parts of my work and own what was ready to come front and center. I couldn’t have anticipated what would unfold and I encourage anyone who is ready to align, integrate and activate their up-leveled being in the world step into this journey with Lucinda. Creating the website is the tangible digital result. The real result is clarity of your brand, clarity of what and who you are being in the world and a total level up in how you truly get to express who you have become and who you are becoming. Jump on the opportunity if you have it- to work with Lucinda now!


business alchemist and transformational coach

Questions before investing in yourself and changing your business (and life) forever with the PROSPERITY BRANDING ACCELERATOR…
How long is this program?

I have created this as a 4-month coaching & curriculum program to support you to become your next-level self. When you build your audience, get known for what you do, everything gets easier. Not being seen wastes so much time and resources. By the end of the 4 months (or sooner if you are an ambitious go-getter), you’ll have everything you need to launch a wildly successful high-end 1:1 or group coaching program so you can lean into your new brand and allows you to share your gifts to the world.

Getting off the treadmill of confusion and overwhelm will cut the diamond of elevating your business fprward and upleveling your brand. Think sustainability. This time invested is GOLD.

This program has been created to give you plenty of space and time to create. That is why you get 9 months access to it.

Within that 4 months if you spend 2-4 hours a week on the program, you will witness amazing results by the end of the time together.

How do I know if I am ready for this?

This is an inside out approach to branding. You know you want to be visible and attract your ideal clients in a way that is aligned for you and you need support in getting to that next-level. You know you are ready to create an astounding brand that you are excited to immerse in and share with others and can keep sustainably talking about it. This is about alignment and simplification that gets you delighted about moving ahead with clarity and confidence.

Can I still serve my clients while I’m in this program?

Absolutely! This is a program that works as hard as you do. Put into practice what you’re learning from the get-go and you will transform your relationships with your existing clients while attracting the clients that will get you to your next-level.

When can I expect to see results?

Some of my clients see initial results within 30-60 days once they dive into the content. Your results and how soon you experience them—is fully up to you.

My students who show up and commit to implementing the program step-by-step, from the first day, receive everything they need to build businesses and brand that elevates them to help fulfill their purpose to make more impact and more income.

If I have a coach right now should I still sign up for this program?

You can absolutely benefit from the Prosperity Branding Accelerator even if you’re already working with another coach.

Many of my most successful students have worked or are currently working with other coaches. My goal is to support a enriched and integrated experience with all the resources for you to scale, and, you can still benefit from outside support.

Plus, with bi-weekly coaching and support, you’ll be completely equipped to break down those obstacles that keep you from getting seen and move forward with confidence (and even more sparkle).

Is there direct access to Lucinda in the program?

My team monitors our Facebook group on a daily basis and if there are questions and inquiries around modules you need support with, we cover it in our LIVE bi-weekly group coaching check-ins. Plus, I will pop in week days to the group for support. If you want more access to me (daily M-F feedback, ask me anything support) you may be ready to go all in and hire me 1:1 to custom craft your brand.

How is the content released? Do we get it all at once?

You will get course content instantly upon purchase! Modules 1-3 for the founding members will be available the first and second months, then Modules 4-6 by the end of month 2, and 7 + the bonus module in month 3 so you can do do the program in one month’s less time and still have support for launching while still getting the coaching benefits the full four months!

Lucinda is truly amazing to work with.

I really enjoyed the process of understanding my brand archetypes to creating the design, look, and feel of the site. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is ready to step up and step out because she is able to deliver a powerful site that truly conveys the direction you’re wanting to take your business.



It’s time.

For you to step into the luminary leader you are and elevate so many lives for the better.

That will be easier when you are confident and consistent with your Prosperity Branding.