The world needs you…

visible, prosperous and empowered





I support female leaders create their prosperous future with an authentic for their royal confidence,
Soulful Visibility and bring their soul to business. 

Hello, beautiful one.

I’m a Prosperity Brand mentor and award-winning artist who is passionate about women’s empowerment and bringing beauty + soul into your business.

My mission is to see women empowered with the ability to create their own dream life that contribute to the betterment of the world via conscious business and iconic self-expression and self-value.

You were given this precious life to create, be inspired and inspire others, live in beauty and be fulfilled.

Far too often I see women playing small and not knowing how to be visible in their authentic leadership. The secret lies in stepping out of comparison and competition as you define your core values, purpose, and soul essence. That’s the work I do for others… as I help you step into your leadership and soulful expression. 

You are here to see yourself and stand in your Divine sovereign power and visibility as you fill your self-created schedule with your ideal clients!

My prayer is you feel inspired and enriched by our journey together.

I would be honored to explore how my 1:1 and group offerings can serve you on your journey to an optimal business, brand and new levels of fulfillment and prosperity in your life.

Create a stunningly prosperous, passion-driven brand and online empire to match your mission

Client Testimonials

“Creating my new brand with Lucinda Rae from start to finish was a dream come true. Lucinda is a true artist who’s ability to conceive a project from start to finish, brand archetype work to the final, brilliant website has been a remarkable experience. She helped to pull aspects of my being to the forefront and then translated them into concept, color, images and design. I am beyond happy with our collaboration and highly recommend all of her services.

— Stephanie DawnSacred Business Coach

“Working with Lucinda Rae and her Prosperity Branding system is golden. Lucinda is who you want if you’re looking to create a truly authentic brand. Deciding to work with Lucinda was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I gained insights about myself through her brand archetype assessment that gave me the clarity I needed to effectively market, communicate and connect with my community. Lucinda provided the tools and creative inspiration to transform my generic brand to creating my magical brand that bedazzles my brilliance, making it easy for clients to find me! Since unveiling my new brand, I’ve received speaking engagements and interview requests. Lucinda captured my essence and message in a multifaceted brand with great brilliance and clarity! Lucinda is a rare and valuable gem and I highly recommend her.”

— Paula Houlihan, The Money Alchemist

“Lucinda was absolutely fabulous to work with! She really knew her stuff! And is such a genuinely kind, soulful, professional and responsive person. 

My 5-star experience with her was because she truly listened to me, in getting a sense of who I am and what I wanted my website to look and FEEL like. Using her expertise and designer’s eye to fill in the technical spaces of my vision.

And she delivered!! I am in love with what she made real and the gorgeous site that has helped bring my business to life with a tangible asset that I can use to anchor everything I do from here on out.”

— Sheena Song, Life Coach and Sound Healer,

“We couldn’t be happier.” 

Elizabeth & Jennefer, The Healing Collective


“I am over the moon with the beautiful website Lucinda has created for me!!  It is perfect! Lucinda totally got it!  She was sensitive to my needs, perceptive, connected, open, took beautiful photos and then transformed them into a unique blend of images that express who I am as an animal reiki practitioner.  My friend wrote: Your website is wonderful!  There is so much animal Love coming through!  So it is beautiful visually, has the light and mystical quality, and most of all has the feeling level that I wanted that only Lucinda could capture and create. Thank you, Lucinda!”

– Shelley Greenbaum, Animal Reiki Practitioner

“Working with Lucinda Rae is like having my very own special genie in a bottle. You share with her your wishes for your brand and not only does she deliver, she creates a magnificent masterpiece. Her process is truly remarkable. I’ve yet to see anything quite like it. Through her Prosperity Branding system, Lucinda was able to get to the heart and soul of my business within minutes. She knew exactly what colors to use, what fonts would best represent my message and how to weave my purpose into all of my visuals. She is brilliant. If you want your true essence to shine in the virtual world, Lucinda is your girl. You will not be disappointed.”

— Kimberly Riggins, Author & Coach

Dear one…

The world needs you.

Yes, YOU. Perhaps you know there is more to life than hiding, playing small, not being expressed, and not being recognized for the higher purpose you came to this world for.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, I know you are here now because deep down inside you can feel that it is time to EMBODY and CELEBRATE all parts of yourself; even the parts you may feel are invisible, feeling unexpressed, unworthy or unlovable.

I’m so happy you’re here and I invite you to come on a journey with me of uncovering and rediscovering a life that is already your birthright where you feel safe to be open-heartened, in-tune to your life, and activated by your own authentically unique expression.

About Lucinda Rae

Lucinda is known around the world as the Prosperity Brand Mentor to soulful entrepreneurs and experts creating their personal brand. She works closely with experts to support them take their expertise and turn it into a personal brand that creates their legacy and a lifestyle they love.

Most of Lucinda’s clients have had successful businesses or careers in the past and they know they are gifted and destined for something great and weave it into their websites. Lucinda expands the vision and creates the pathway for them to bring their dream to life.

Lucinda’s customized approach to creating personal brands, websites and monetizing their expertise.

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