I didn’t always think everyone had creativity in them… but let’s be real – that’s why we are here. Sometimes we just have to remember it… as in, for the totality of our vibrant lives and sometimes moment by moment. 

Sometimes there are spaces from the past that need to be healed, and other times there are places of our brightest or future self that want to be called forth to empower this moment in our life as we create it as art. 

>>It wasn’t until I remembered who I was, in addition to where I’ve been, that made the biggest difference.<<

Now, when we are feeling stuck in finding the ability to create something, we can remember all we have to do is kindle our inner spark to make our creative fire grow. This will warm the glow of all aspects of life and return us to vibracy, joy, and the currency of creation. 

With real-life examples and spiritual reminders, take a dive back to your creative resource that resides within. Click play to join in on the path of creative potential.

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