In today’s uber-connected online world requires a high level of “know, like and trust” concept for your personal brand. So, where should you start? Here’s a look at some practical tips to build your network and marketing with more ease and grace with 3 brand gems to support your lifestyle and portrait photos in your marketing and online personal brand.


1. How do your potential clients “KNOW” you?

This is where it all begins. It’s about visibility. Being seen. Before you can offer anything, your people need to obviously know you exist. You need to be in their scope and they must see you. Seems pretty basic, yah? Well it’s one if the biggest, consistent challenges with my clients and many entrepreneurs. Visibility is often one of the primary challenges. Introvert or not, you have to get yourself out there and around from commenting in forums to bring readers or discovery-session-takers to your schedule, and activating relationships. Make an enticing offering for opt-in and continue to cultivate connections. AND share PHOTOS of you, your offerings, your products. Heartily.

2. How do your potential clients “LIKE” you?

After you’ve gotten savvy about the KNOW factor, great, they know you exist… so do they like you? Listen up, because you’re not going to get everyone to like you. You can’t market to everyone anyways! That’s like marketing to know one. When you go to connect, write a blog, make a video, do a Facebook post, you need to know who your people are and who you are speaking to. Effective, magnetic brands know who they are speaking to. They create polarity and people often like or dislike. Your likers will become your audience or clients! And may fall in love with you, too.

Well, how do you do that? BE. YOUR. SELF. That is the only and most powerful thing in a personal brand. Align to your core values and share, share, share your message and offerings. Sing it from the rooftops and be 100% authentically true to who you are.

3. How do your potential clients “TRUST” you?

This is when they know AND like you. And come back for more, and to work with you. First steps to the formula where your people can return again and again, once the foundation of trust is here. Break it down to the principles of a great brand…

Be Consistent.
Be Clear.
Be Congruent.
Be Compelling.
Be Communicative.

Show up again and again as YOU, as your values. Make sure you have a clear expression of you and all you stand for brightly shining through. Have everything play out in the ultimate equation of it working together. Keep your message inspired, interesting, informative and valuable. And communicate… over and over, again and again. This keeps the KNOW in step #1 alive and flowing.

What’s something you can do now to up your KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor in your brand?

P.S. And don’t forget AMAZING personal brand photos of you for your website, blog, business cards, book covers, and all your social media and marketing channels. And then of course having the photos beautifully designed into these various marketing channels. KNOW anyone that might be able to do this with and for you?