It can sometimes be a juxtaposing dance to show up and be seen consistently in social media and your personal brand as a business owner. Many of us inwardly feel modest or not feel like sharing if we are naturally the introspective type. The to-our-selves type. Where hanging out in the studio working on your creation with just God as your witness is the perfect way to share your world…

And sometimes we want to share and shine in our life’s achievements with the beautiful community of family and friends around us. We want to share our own radiance and bring our inner world to the outer for others to feel inspired by. In order to make more of a contribution in this world, we must rise and blossom forth to share and shine the light as a leader.

As a personal brand entrepreneur, public figure, mentor, author, or inspirational leader, we have to consistently show up and share the wisdom we’ve learned and shine the light. We have to do that Facebook post or blog entry to continuously contribute content back into the world.

It keeps us on our toes and expands us as not only a business owner but as a person on the spiritual path. But what is that magic ingredient that keeps sourcing this?

Well, there are many. And it comes from that which is sourcing you.

Even though there may be many moments were we are at total peace never being seen or heard except in the beautiful interior realm of the spirit, we are quietly encouraged to unfold into new spaces to radiate in the world. There is an overarching desire within our own souls to touch that with is the truth for our highest path.

To gently unfurl our budding truth into the fuller blossom of our life fulfillment.

And while we do this work though the perseverance to continue to show up and shine, something to watch for is the how we perceive sides of the coin.

Because there is that side of the coin that is loves to be invisible or just fade away into the inner realms, the one that projection by the world creates as being more humble or modest with. However, there is great confusion around these things which can often go in the direction of self-deprecation. Yes, you can be a humble being in this world, and still shine the light in big ways. Part of that path is being seen in the world so that your message gets shared in bigger ways.

The other side of the coin stands in self-value that is free from egotism and narcissism.

It is up to us to inquire within ourselves how we are honoring and loving ourselves to be seen or not be seen. To share, or not to share.

This all stems in the perception of how you relate to other seeing you.

Have you been told not to be too brilliant and beautiful? Have you been told to not be too bold, others may not like you? You might fail?

There are many voices and projections of others that have told you to play small.

You weren’t created to be small — you are here to be magnificent as an expression of your very Maker.

Sometimes flashy is the sparkle of the sunlight on the ocean, or the velvety glitter inside a magenta rose.

Neither knows modesty vs. vanity. They just allow for their own beauty to BE as a parts of the divine’s creation. We are all beautiful and all important.