A Million Dollar Brand Doesn’t
Feel Like Work to Run.

It Feels Like Pleasure.

That’s why I’m here, doing the work I do. What about you? 

In 2013, I hit a wall. I was working hard but feeling more like a cog in the wheel than a woman following her calling.

I’d raised two beautiful sons, helped hundreds of leaders step into their brilliance, and yet… nothing was gelling

I relished the clients I had the privilege of working with. It was clear my branding was working… but it wasn’t enough. 

I needed a next level of authenticity to carry me into the next stage of my business. Something that represented ME as beautifully as I represented others. 

I needed to connect with my empress essence. 

You see, like you, I was born with limitless passion. You couldn’t box me up, shut me down, or fit me neatly into a square box with neat edges. 

I was born to sparkle and shine. 

Funny how those who are born to stand out can take the longest time getting comfortable with it, isn’t it? Maybe you can relate. 

I grew up in Corvallis, a 50k-person corner of the world, and from the beginning I felt different. 

Too different, I thought, to be acceptable

(Little did I know that only DIFFERENCE stands out. The rest just fades into the gray background of a noisy world. I was a star and I didn’t even see it.

For many of my younger years, I tried to mold myself to an outwardly-prescribed version of me. Look pretty, be cool, and wear my cloak of “invisibility” when needed. 

I found myself in a pivotal moment, ready to be shot at… as if I was looking down the barrel of a gun. However, it was actually a Canon camera lens at a Hollywood studio for my first paid photoshoot for some marketing photos. I felt totally naked, sprawled out, and totally exposed to be on the other side of the camera trying to mimic poses I had seen models over my lifetime in various stances, and more recently the personal brand portraits I see on the entrepreneur leaders of our industry.

I was getting this shoot because a high-investment coach I had been thinking of getting photos with had a photoshoot as part of the coaching package.

Instead, I sought out a photographer and had some headshots done. This was a pivotal moment of my journey switching from a professional brand to a personal brand and being more visible as myself, as the face of my business.

You see, my primal power source is my feminine energy.

My embodiment.

My soul, heart, and pure being.

When you root your business in that… you can’t help but be successful!
And the best part is it feels so good doing it.

A prosperous brand doesn’t have to feel like work.

It feels like… 

Running through the sprinklers on a hot summer’s day. 

Standing under warm, Hawaiian rainfall on a previously-blistering afternoon. 

Listening to bird calls inside the thick, verdant forests of the Amazon. 

And sometimes… 

Like taking a boat through a cave full of bioluminescent algae in bloom. 

This is exactly what business is meant to feel like.
After all, it’s
you… giving your divinely-ordained, fully delicious gifts of the heart. 

What could be more pleasurable than that

Want to see how a prosperous brand could change your business?

What My Clients Had to Say About Their Prosperous Brand…

“I opened the website Lucinda created for me and instantly was reminded of who I truly am! She captured my Truth and my Essence.”

 — Sandy Combs, Creative Mentor and ChakraDance Facilitator

“Amazing value. My website went from chaos and generic to scaled back and focused offerings that are branded toward my ideal client.”

Becc Nelson, Metaphysical Mentor, beccnelson.com

“With my new website, it became crystal clear for me how to embody my brand, and my mission became a magnet for my ideal clients. My mailing list is growing consistently.”


Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., Midlife Midwife


I am simply in love with EVERYTHING she has created for me. Lucinda is bringing my vision to life on the web in a major way that will be relevant for years to come.”


Tanya Paluso, Founder of Sistership Circle & Author 

“I never dreamed my website could be this good.”


Dr. Mary Pritchard, PhD

“Lucinda’s visual branding paves the way for me to step IN and UP to the next level of my mission and message.”


Christel Arcucci, Soul-Centered Prosperity Mentor

“I am now attracting my ideal clients with ease and my business is growing steadily.”


Helen MacMillan, CEO of Sovereign Minds

“Her unique archetypal branding process was the catalyst for owning my sacred feminine power visually for the first time.”


Erika Miscio, Boutique Business Mentor, Founder Seven Figure Female


Lucinda’s background

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist and internationally acclaimed prosperity brand strategist and who activates and creates the power of your online and offline offerings with visual image to attract abundance and audience through natural magnetism and stunning visual branding and celebrity-worthy photographs.

Delivering graphic design, visual identity creation, branding, online marketing and website development for over 20 years, Lucinda has created over 300 brand identities for corporate and creative entrepreneurs, iconic strong feminine leaders, and has captured thousands of stunning images and graphics.

In her photography, artwork, and graphic design, Lucinda’s magic is empowering your unique journey to be authentically expressed as the magnificence that you are as you bring more beauty, inspiration, and purpose into life for your global community and legacy.