A night in for artists of all kinds and those wanting to just have some painting fun!

Whether you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or professional artist you’ll have fun as you find inspiration in an atmosphere of nurturing lively support.

Bring a glass of wine or your favorite beverage, don your fave pjs (or not), and let’s have some creative fun!

Week One
Magical Forest

Week Two
Sunrise Lotus

Week Three
Luminous Dove

Week Four
Moonlight Rose

Week Five
Starry Lake

Please see my notes on materials/supplies in the FAQs!

A few more thoughts about supplies and the (first) class in this video I made for you:


"What materials do I need?"

Here are some supplies you will need:

  • acrylic paint
    (ideally the rainbow [and teal + magenta are hard to mix and fun to have on hand]
    + black
    + a big tube of [titanium, ideally] white),
  • paintbrushes – a mix of sizes like an inch flat and some small rounds, etc.,
  • a 12×16 (or close) canvas,
  • a palette or white paper plate works ok,
  • and an easel (optional).

Extras that are helpful include paper cups, paper towels, a glass of wine or tea and a treat (or several, depending on how much of an emotional eater you are).

For added fun, let’s show up in our fave pajamas! ?

"What if can’t paint anything more than a stick figure? Do I have to have experience? "

You’re absolutely good if you only feel you can paint a stick figure or don’t have skills! You do not need any art experience at all to participate and benefit from these classes, and you don’t even have to identify yourself as creative type or as an artist. You just need to be willing to ready some paint brushes and pour a cup of tea or wine. I’m hoping to share a few technical things about what we are painting and while there will be similar look to all but each unique. Often times the beginners mind has an open mind and whole set of fresh benefits accompanied with them.

"What results can I expect?"

You will have a painted (hopefully completed) that you can enjoy on your walls or give to a loved one. Hopefully you will have had a fun break, gone out of your comfort zone, and enjoyment of some creativity. 


"How can I prepare for this class?"
Please register 24 hours in advance to the next class. And get your materials in advance! Also… please be set up with everything before the class begins so you can dive in. You will need wi-fi and the ability to jump on Zoom. You will receive an email that you used in your registration with the link to get in advance to meeting together.
"What if I am an experienced artist?"
That’s awesome, too! You will learn new exciting ways of diving into your art and expressing yourself in new ways to empower and guide your life.

About Your Teacher

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning visual artist and spiritual creative entrepreneur. As a prosperity brand mentor and visibility coach, she has created over 200 brand identities for 20 years for both corporate and spiritual entrepreneurs, and has captured thousands of stunning images in her photography.

She is the founder and artist of Lucinda Rae Art and a Soul Art® Guide for soulful awakening, creative expression, and healing for increased life magnetism and meaning.

Lucinda believes every person’s journey is to be fully expressed as the Light that we are and share that in the realms of beauty, purity and passion in this precious life.