Psalm 23
You Are With Me

Treat your loved ones (or you) to this beautifully illustrated classic psalm. 

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“You have created a stunningly beautiful, and deeply wise, book.”
– Rabbi Stephen E. Cohen, Congregation B’nai B’rith, Santa Barbara CA

PSALM 23: You Are With Me

Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved songs of trust in the Bible. The simple, profound and beautiful verses have the power to comfort and bring peace to many. When we go through troubled times, this psalm helps us remember God is always present. Lucinda Rae’s illustrations invite the reader on a visual journey into the wilderness with a young shepherdess, accompanied by her trusted dog and a lamb, reminding us that we are being guided by the ultimate shepherd, God. The paintings evoke an emotional response including contentment, and confidence, inviting us into a personal relationship with the Creator. Each verse is painted individually to convey each step on the journey of this psalm. The ancient wisdom within this song is relevant today and continues to benefit readers young and old.

Illustrator: Lucinda Rae
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biblical, Inspiration
Limited Edition Hardcover
34 Pages | ISBN 978-1-7344034-0-4

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“Psalm 23: You Are With Me, a children’s book by Lucinda Rae, is the perfect bedtime storybook. Fourteen double-page spread panoramic scenes illustrate a young girl with her precious little lamb and her faithful canine companion walking through beautiful valleys, fields, and along river banks. Each painting illustrates a verse of David’s psalm, which is probably the best known of all psalms in the Bible. The words of the verses, in easy to read font in English and Hebrew, are laid across the rich vibrant colors of the pages. The young reader can explore the pictures and words alone, or with their parent. Delightful expressive faces of the girl, the dog, and the lamb will captivate all readers, both young and old. Her dog’s eyes – ‘Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death’ – certainly convey his discomfort. ‘Your rod and Your staff comfort me’ delightfully portray the little group sleeping peacefully and contentedly.

I can imagine a parent sharing this bedtime story with their young child. In the special intimacy at the end of the day, the pages of this book will provide a practical way to discuss foundational truths of the Judaeo-Christian faith. This is a chance to explain the promises of the God of Abraham who describes Himself as the Good Shepherd who tenderly takes care of His sheep.

Parents, this book will be an asset in your bedtime ritual. These beautifully illustrated faithful promises will help allay any nighttime fears. Make Psalm 23 your child’s bedtime companion to help calm your child to rest, and sleep. For family and friends looking for a meaningful gift for a child, Psalm 23 by Lucinda Rae is a great choice.”

– Irene Valentine, Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)

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“The psalms are timeless, ancient human voices speaking to us out of the distant past. The challenge facing any teacher, any translator, any illustrator of the psalms is to capture and convey the deeply human emotions of the ancient words without “modernizing,” and thereby watering down, the text. In this stunning book, Lucinda Rae has succeeded at bringing the old words to life, in all their depth, antiquity and mystery, and making them accessible to both adults and children. Lucinda, thank you.” – Rabbi Stephen E. Cohen, Congregation B’nai B’rith, Santa Barbara CA

“Lucinda Rae’s spirited illustrations of this sacred song of protection seen through the eyes of a child, simply awaken the divine message transmitted in each verse. The message of the universal connection we all have with our Creator, our Shepherd, can be felt, known and seen through our love. The authentic Hebrew gives a deep living vibration to this timeless song!” – P. Paulsen, Spiritual Director, Sunburst Sanctuary

“This beautiful book is the perfect vehicle to teach our little ones both about God and His qualities and also about the ideal relationship for us to build with Him. The words of the psalm are not only comforting but instructive and Lucinda’s stunning illustrations are captivating for children and adults too. I am thrilled to introduce my own little ones to the 23rd Psalm with this gorgeous book at bedtime, and I am also grateful to have such a vehicle for myself at the end of the day, to lead us all into quiet, peaceful and blessed sleep.” – Brandy Mussman, M.A., CA