The three things I learned in my ten seconds with Natalie Portman

  1. It’s time to great and allow yourself to be seen in that. Let your dignity come through. Want to go big? Time to stop thinking small. Aren’t feeling it? Fake it till you make it. Follow your goals. Manifest your personal iconic brand. Uplevel your life, your business, your dream, your trajectory.

  2. It’s time to claim your glamor. Pull it down from the ether and into your field. Breathe it in from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Glamor and gold aren’t just for the Hollywood celebs. It’s for you, too.

Women: allow all that God-given beauty to enchant the world, too. You don’t think the rose was meant to be mundane and gray, do you? That doesn’t attract the honeybee. The rose just IS.

Claim your queendom. Be comfortable in your sovereignty, creating boundaries, owning your power, being a beacon of light. 

Embody your glamorous being with imagery and essence that could be as luscious as any celebrity may have it. And add your big splash of soul and prismatic shine.

3. It’s time to SHINE. SHINE. SHINE. It’s okay if they can’t handle your light; hand ’em a pair of shades if you want. Let it go. Your natural radiance isn’t here to slow you down or give you a shadow to hide in. Come out from the visibility closet and let’s light up the world together. Or if you’re an entrepreneur, at least we can start with the online world.


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“From the moment we started working together, I have been so happy that I chose Lucinda to design & develop my new website. We began with Lucinda’s process of working with the archetypes, to see which qualities and ideas I want my site to convey. This archetype process is simply a genius idea. It was almost like a coaching process in which my innermost values and vision were brought to light more clearly than I could ever have stated them myself. Following that… she created absolutely stunning graphics which she used to create a professional, inspiring, and truly magical combination of text and images.” — Jocelyn Mercado, Founder of Sacred Planet


This is a podcast to uplift and uplevel our creative lives, one vibrant step at a time. We’ll chat about clever business ideas, the beautiful-messy creative process, and more. Join me to discover practical spirituality, entrepreneurial tips and tools, and overall lighthearted musings for life to awaken your creativity and let your soul shine. 

With Lucinda’s professional and personal background, she will also be weaving in best practices in branding, running a successful business, tips for your website and photography, social media/marketing, visibility, and of course making and breathing and living ART and expressing your creativity.