Its time to come out of hiding. Those days from the past you clung to hiddenness to save your life, I know.

But those times are over. It’s a new day, new dawn and soon a new year.

You are here and you are safe.

You can let go of excuses that you’re not ready, the timing isn’t right, or you have some challenges, obstacles or other issue keeping you from doing your sacred work.

Even when you walk your talk, the doubt can creep in… It’s ok to have the human moments. Don’t abandon yourself then either.

You can share your spiritual work in simple ways, writing your book, making art, crafting a gorgeous brand that expresses you more deeply, or writing a blog.

Maybe you need to take some time to get reconnected with your psyche or soul.

Maybe you are deeply healing from something that is time to heal. Whatever your moment is, you’re ready. Ready to share your learnings, and even what you are going through.

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to those disconnected from soul.

It’s time to stop underestimating your unique flavor of magic.

It’s time to stop stuffing feelings and ignoring that small still subtle voice within.

It’s time to stop forgetting to remember your soul truth.

Even when you’re waking in nature, you can connect with your soul. When you tap into the birthright of your pleasure and feel your feelings you can connect with your soul. It’s always there residing in concentric spiraling resonance and dancing in the joy.

And sometimes we have the darker feelings as we traverse the valleys of our soul to get to the hilltop to see the sun riding again. Be audacious enough to go to the deep realms and feel the feels.

Bypass that toxic positivity and find the wholeness of peace from the wellspring of your soul.

We are energy and can move energy as we move across mountains with our feet.

You can be a soulful empress, a leader, a lightworker as thoughts and feelings pass through you.

You are beyond the transience that takes hold of your joy from time to time.

Remember it’s all just energy and the mind is noise that we can go beyond to simmer in soul. There is new energy emerging for us to walk our talk and share the wealth of wisdom so important in this leading precipice to exude the learnings of thus far.

It can be a ride of frustrating and ecstasy, but you’ve had lifetimes of preparation for this. So please give yourself the credit that you deserve and do not ever underestimate who you truly are. Some may call you fearless, and others may call you crazy. Either way, you are on the most incredible path to blaze the way with your soul fire. Clear it for others to come through.

So, dear empress, lightworker, blazing pioneer, are you ready to share who you are? There are so many who are ready to receive that wisdom. There are so many out there who are praying to hear from the wisdom you keep. You don’t have to save anyone, you just get to transmit. Maybe you’re doing this in teaching, maybe just walking down the street in your radiance in gratitude for life.

When you’re connected to the Divine as your source, you walk down the street as the empress, the leader of your soul treasure wisdom, and you are being all you can be… crowned by God, you are human with the expanse flowing through you.

Stay accepting and loving within as you chose to come forth as divinity expressed through the currency of human form.

Copyright Lucinda Rae

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