To call in your high-ticket dreamboat clients, you want to speak to the next level Self of your client.

But how?

You want to bring into your business empowered and ambitious clients ready to leap, you need to craft your branding and marketing messaging in alignment.

Instead of old school pain points, move into electric, aligned-attraction.

You want to talk to THAT person, the one ready and knows where she’s going

It’s your turn to call forth the empowered entrepreneur through your marketing messaging.

How to call in your high-ticket dreamboat clients…

🌟 First, speak to the heart of the aspect of them you want to attract. 🌟

Let’s go deeper… 

I never felt good about the old-school (remember 2015?) way of speaking to the pain points of your client to try and trigger the wound and therefore activate, well, their pain.

It’s taken me a while to shift out of that. And, when I did, it became lighter, I realized the empowered online business women I wanted to connect with wanted to be talked to aspirationally. Especially since being the catalyst for their Future Self is in my zone of genius.

I have tapped into the high-vibe, heart-aligned feels in my own method that has led me in working with brilliant, empowered dreamboat clients.

Here’s how:

Since you want to bring into your business empowered clients who are ambitious, value your time and talent, want to show up powerfully and know investing in you is a delicious and embodied “heaven YES!” for them, you need to craft your branding and marketing messaging that way.

Instead of pain point marketing, you need to shift into abundant, attractive empowerment.

🌟Envision and reflect the pillar of highest good to your people
🌟Dive deeper as you speak in your messaging beyond the surface and what the fire in their soul wants
🌟Attune to your inner voice as you shift the way you speak from a place of feminine magnetism

Let’s break free from the old way the marketing coaches taught us and move into the lighter magic of who you are.

You will start to notice a difference in who you are attracting and who you will. When you set out from your own powercenter, you will filter disempowerment and instead bring forth the best of her to show up in the highest light.

You get to be the one to discern the voice of your aspirational messaging.

You’ve got this, babe. 🥂

I will be teaching my Prosperity Branding framework in my upcoming Free Live Masterclass. Hit the link to get the upcoming details on the page you can enter your name and email and I will send you the Zoom link and some friendly reminders and a couple goodies along the way.

I can’t wait to see you there.