“It’s a rare photographer that can capture such depth and archetypal essence with such ease and mastery. Lucinda takes everything you are trying to communicate about who you are, and how you serve, and shaboom – it appears in a photograph!

Her photographs are worth a 144,000 words, especially when new-paradigm conscious entrepreneurs are still trying to find the words to explain how they serve. 

Lucinda’s photos bring LIGHT, BEAUTY and CLARITY and a deep, instant communication of your essence out to the world and to all those whom you would serve so they can CONNECT with you and be uplifted. With an artist’s eye she can create photographs that are pure poetry and are magnetic to your audience.

For the cherry on top – it’s rare to find such a talented and inspired photographer who also knows her way around websites and branding. Lucinda understands how photographs need to be used and can build your entire service portal out in a way that is totally, massively, coherent with your SOUL. Pure awesomeness.

Christina Sophia Huntley, MDiv. (Harvard University): Spiritual Healer & Conduit of the Light

“Lucinda revealed my essence through the most magical photographs I’ve ever had taken.

Honestly I am in tears of joy and awe. Lucinda has the ability to catch me in such beauty and joy and fun was beyond words! She is worth every penny and more. I am going to gift myself this every year! All I can say is you WOW, me!”

— Darlene Loves, Sensuality Coach

“Lucinda has an incredible gift of sweet, sensual playfulness that immediately opened the portal for so much magic and radiance to come forth. This was one of my favorite shoots yet which says a lot as I spent so many years modeling and in front of the camera.

For those of you out there desiring to bring forth your truest self more in your branding, I cannot recommend Lucinda Rae highly enough. Truly an experience of massive upleveling for both myself and my business!” 

— Renee Jeffus, Former CoverGirl supermodel, Revolutionary Radiance Mentor 

“Lucinda revealed my essence through the most magical photographs I’ve ever had taken.

She is simply amazing to work with. Honestly, you owe it to yourself to have a photo shoot with her at least once in your life. It’s a gift you’ll treasure forever. Thank you, precious Lucinda!”

— Lisa Michaels, Founder of Natural Rhythms, Best-Selling Author & Mentor

 “Lucinda was able to capture my true essence, and she produced some of the best photographs of me that I’ve ever seen. She is an exceptionally gifted photographer, highly sensitive to the energy of the moment in every way.

Since I’ve been working with Lucinda, the energy in my business has picked up dramatically, on every level. Not only is my list growing by leaps and bounds, but because of my new visual branding I’ve been asked to speak at several new conferences and events which have been simulcast all over the world. I am now stepping into my soul purpose in bigger ways, and getting bigger results.”

Leah Denmark, Life Transformation Mentor & Speaker